Assistance in Registration of Pesticides

Research and marketing of new crop protection products is nowadays an increasingly pressing need for agrifood sector. This need arises both from the onset of target pest resistance and from Community law which provides guidelines to achieve a more rational and sustainable use of crop protection products, with the consequent revision of the list of active substances permitted in agriculture.

Each crop protection product to be registered and then sold must comply with the specific requirements that are established by particular experimental procedures.

These tests are carried out by Testing Centers certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and the Ministry of Health, such as:

Efficacy and Selectivity (G.E.P.)

Determination of Residues (GLP) in plants, soil and transformed products

Phy.Dia. provides assistance in the various experiments carried out by the Testing Centers, in particular to identify appropriate experimental areas, set up and development of demonstration trials, support activities for companies producing pesticides.

Principal legal references:

Dir. 2009/128 / EC → Legislative Decree n. 150 of 14/08/2012