Microbiological and Chemical Analysis in Agrifood Sector

Phy.Dia. is able to provide a service on a wide range of microbiological and chemical analysis in the food industry, thanks to a team of operators with extensive experience and professionalism and to the use of modern and cutting-edge technologies.

All analysis are carried out in accordance with the best laboratory practices. Phy.Dia. releases test reports certified in accordance with the requirements of the current regulations.

Analysis carried out by Phy.Dia. concern aqueous matrices and plant, soil and food.

Analysis of aqueous matrices: determination of the chemical and microbiological characteristics of surface, irrigation, for human consumption, waste and discharge water.

Analysis of plant matrices: determination of the microbial count, qualitative and quantitative identification of parasite; inspections for technical advice and sampling.

Analysis of soil: determination of the chemical-physical and microbiological characteristics of soil samples.

Analysis of food: determination of chemical, microbiological and organoleptic features of products of plant or animal origin, intended to direct consumption or processed.