Phy.Dia. organizes various types of training courses to those who request them.

Plant pathology:

Technical training is essential for employees in the agricultural and agri-food sector as being always up to date on plant diseases and related symptoms is the first and most effective measure of struggle against plant pathogen.

HACCP in food industry:

From primary production to distribution, all operators in the sector are obligated by current legislation to receive adequate training, to keep and follow a manual of operational procedures drawn up ad hoc for the specific activity and to schedule a sampling plan and verification analysis to ascertain that the procedures put in place are effective in the prevention or possible resolution of food risks.

Progetti di formazione finanziati:

Phy.Dia. recently performed at the Mariano Buratti High School (Viterbo, Italy) as part of the C.A.ST.LE. (Call: Fuoriclasse – projects to reinforce the active participation and learning processes to be implemented in the schools of the Lazio Region) a series of theoretical and practical lessons on the most used techniques in a laboratory of phytopathology with the aim of stimulating curiosity and the learning of scientific subjects in children.

Principal legal references:

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