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    Modern agriculture, nursery activity, arboriculture, the public and private green and the environment to be protected and managed at best need safe, accurate and fast answers to all the possible phytopathological issues.

    Phy.Dia., Phy.Dia., partecipated spin-off of University of Tuscia, was born thanks to Filas co-funding by means of the call “Support to research spin-off” to give you these responses: one associate professor and two 2 young researchers make available the expertise, experience and passion necessary to ensure your plants health.

    Degree in Biology, professor at the University of Viterbo. President of Phy.Dia. handles Institutional relations at Regional, National and International level.

    Giorgio Mariano Balestra

    PhyDia - Serena
    Degree in Biology and PhD in Plant Protection. For Phy.Dia. she cares laboratory protocols and innovative techniques of molecular biology.

    Serena Ciarroni

    Degree in Agricultural Sciences and PhD in Plant Protection. For Phy.Dia. he carries out laboratory tests and agronomic-experimental activities.

    Vincenzo Tagliavento